And why the Universities?

Because a first economic power has already taken possession of a first country in the world, and the most powerful in terms of the culture of abuse. Because behind it come many others with the same vision of ambition and excessive power. Because the Luciferian philosophy that they adore and defend is 100% materialistic. Because 20 percent of the world population consumes 80% of the planet’s resources.

Global military spending is 12 times greater than aid to developing countries. 5,000 people die every day from drinking contaminated water. 1 billion human beings do not have access to drinking water. 1 billion people are hungry. More than 50% of the cereals marketed in the world are used for animal feed and biofuel manufacturing. 40% of arable land is degraded. Every year 13 million hectares of forest disappear. One mammal out of 4, one bird out of 8, one amphibian out of 3 are in danger of extinction, the species are expanding at a higher rate than natural. Three-quarters of the fishery resources are depleted, declining or on board being so.

The average temperature of the last 15 years has been the highest ever recorded, the ice sheet has lost 40% of its thickness in 40 years. Before 2050 there could be 200 million climate refugees. The price of these acts is high, there are those who pay that price without having suffered. I have seen fields like big cities lying in the desert, how many men, women and children will we leave tomorrow in the gutter? Is it always necessary to build walls to break the chains of human solidarity ?, separate peoples and build some at the cost of the misery of others?

It is too late to be pessimistic, I know that a man can even only defeat all walls. Humanity does not have more than 10 years to reverse the trend and avoid crossing the border into that unknown land that would no longer be ours.

We have generated phenomena that exceed us, water, air, matter, the different forms linked from our origins, but recently we have broken all those links.

Let us not close our eyes, we must believe what we know. Everything we have just read is our reflection, we have made the earth in our image, we have little time to change. How could we bear the weight of 9 billion human beings this century if we do not accept accountability once and for all for all that we are solely responsible for?

All these experiences are just examples, but they show us the need to awaken consciences to embark on the world in a new human culture based on good treatment, measure, intelligence, and sharing. It is time to go to meet others because what is important is not what we have lost, but what we still have left. We are left with half the world’s forests, miles of rivers, lakes and glaciers, and miles of species still flourishing. We know perfectly well that solutions exist today, all universities have the power to change history, so what do we hope to choose them?

It is up to us to write the continuation of our story


Let’s vote for the University Political Party