“You can never change things by fighting against existing reality. To change something, you must build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete”

Buckminster Fuller


¿What would happen if a country chose a university as a whole assuming the presidency instead of choosing a traditional politician?

¿What would happen if a country chose several universities each assuming a ministry instead of choosing other traditional politicians?

¿What would happen if a country chose several universities assuming the functions of chamber, senate, governments and mayors instead of choosing more members of the political family?

¿What would happen if all the universities that assume the presidencies in all the countries of the world elect a delegate each to form a work team and assume a world public administration?

¿What if tomorrow morning all the people decided not to lend or rent their bodies for the war anymore?

¿What if tomorrow morning all people open their hands and drop the pencil with which they design weapons, the tools with which they manufacture them, and also drop the weapons with which they cause pain, violent deaths, suffering mothers, wives homeless, orphaned and unprotected children?

¿What if tomorrow morning we did not subject our children to the compulsory education system so that they could block their potentials and turn them into human robots?

¿What would happen if tomorrow morning prisons and reformatories became training centers specialized in the treatment of behavioral deviations?

¿What if tomorrow, with a popular vote, each country manages to get out of the false «New World Order»?

¿What if tomorrow morning we changed religious traditions and began to train ourselves for individual and personal spiritual development?

The purpose of this work is to convene the social group with the greatest capacity for detection, control, and self-improvement, in what refers to the hereditary disease of behavioral deviations, which is made up of the professional university teaching profession, and it is in this sector in which we can place our greatest trust. These people are those who have achieved greater intellectual, social and humanistic development compared to all the other groups that make up the world population, therefore, they are the ideal, expert and best qualified professional profile that is being invited to take on the challenges that the wise and honest administration of a nation demands.

Bearing in mind the accumulation of obstacles that we find in our world, and that are voluntarily created by the powers that govern and choose the fate of humanity to their liking, this approach projects a package of strategies to be developed with which, in an approximate period of time 5 years from 2020, he intends to have firmly planted in Colombia the seed of this new political, legal and humanistic philosophy that through this proposal wants to promote, and in turn, achieve its global position in the medium term.